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Rose and her sewing machine

This vintage sewing machine was donated to the Sartell Historical Society by the Ren and Rose Pearson family. It is a White Rotary brand treadle sewing machine. It used a rotary hook bobbin driver. It was manufactured in Cleveland OH and dates to the early 1900’s. The metal patent plate lists 1913 as its last manufacture date. Rose Pearson spent many, many hours at this machine creating beautiful clothes for herself and family along with repairing clothing for people who didn’t have access to a sewing machine.

Rose Vrtar Pearson came from Cleveland Ohio in 1947 and stayed with her Great Uncle and Aunt, Frank and Mary Petach. Before coming to Sartell, Rose attended Jane Adams High School in Cleveland, where she learned to sew. After she finished school, she worked as a seamstress in a sweater factory before moving to Sartell.

After she moved here, she met Ren Pearson and they were married on August 27th, 1949 at St. Francis Church. Rose is a very talented seamstress. Her sewing skills came in handy when they had three lovely daughters. When the children were young, she made most of their clothes. Rose and Ren loved to go dancing and tried to go every week. She made all of her pretty dancing dresses. After the girls were grown, Rose volunteered her talents at the Country Manor Nursing Home and Apartments where she did the mending and repairs to the residents clothing. Rose didn’t drive so each week she walked to the Country Manor Campus, which was two miles round trip. She did this for roughly 40 years. In visiting with Rose, I found out she is an avid baseball fan, watching many games each season. She loves watching the Cleveland Indians and the Minnesota Twins.

Rose’s husband Ren was a very talented artist, he created many beautiful three dimensional paintings and carvings which he won many awards for. His favorite were of wildlife and nature scenes.

written by; Kaye Wenker

Neal Pearson, long time Sartell resident talking about the

History of Sartell and the Paper Mill

Rita Fasen long time resident of Sartell, talks about Winter Haven and roller skating