1836-1912 Nehemiah P. Clarke

Moved to St. Cloud in 1856. He was one of the most prominent local businessmen.

He owned and operated nearly 4,000 acres of farmland in and around Sartell.

Mr. Clarke raised prize winning Shorthorn and Galloway cattle that were known across the United States. His Clydesdale horses won the Worlds Championship Prize in 1893. He also raised hogs and sheep.

He owned a creamery and cheese factory in the area.

He served as president of the State Agricultural Society in 1886.

Nehemiah Parker Clarke

By Kaye Wenker

In the early 1850’s the U.S. Government opened up this area for settlement and homesteads could be legally staked out.

N. P. Clarke was one of those early settlers. He was born April 8, 1836, in Hubbardston, Worcester County, Massachusetts. Nehemiah Parker Clarke came to Minnesota and the St. Cloud area in July of 1856 along with John H. Proctor. In his later years by 1880, the raising of pure bred horses and cattle became his biggest interest. He was devoted to attaining the highest level. He owned three farms, Meadow Lawn, Clyde Mains and Nether Hall. The 1600 acre Meadow Lawn farm which was located on the west end of Sartell around the Pinecone Road and Seventh Street North area, produced Shorthorn and Galloway cattle which was some of the choicest animals in the country, always a prize winner when shown. The Meadow Lawn farm was later sold to his manager, Leslie Smith and Archibald White. Leslie Smith came here from Scotland with N. P. Clarke after Mr. Clarke had been there to purchase Shorthorn cattle. The following is an excerpt from the St. Cloud Journal Press dated December 30ty, 1909. “The biggest sale of fine cattle occurring in the history of the state was consummated today when Archibald S. White of New York and Leslie Smith of St. Cloud purchased of N. P. Clarke his entire herd of full blood shorthorns, known the world over as the Meadow Lawn herd. This is undoubtedly the best herd in this country today. It is the culmination of 35 years of effort and skill in the successful mating of the best strains of Shorthorns.”

This excerpt is from”History of Sartell, Minnesota Lumber, Paper, Valves and Progress A Century of Progress, Welcoming a Century of Promise” page 21

Front: Matt, Julia

Back: Raymond, David, Virginia, Laurence

Sartell Family 1889

On the ground; Vernie Gertrude Sartell, Nora Arnold Sartell
Front Row; Joseph S. Sartell, Hettie Sartell, Katherine Sands Sartell, holding Clara Sartell, Angeline Sartell, Daisy Maude Sartell, Frances Gilman Sartell holding Mabel Sartell, Nancy Lucinda Sartell, Lucinda Jane Johnston Sartell, Henry Joseph Sartell, Charles Francis Sartell, behind Ray Egbert Sartell, Hettie Salome Arnold Sartell, holding Sidney Samuel Sartell.
Back Row; Linton Longley Sartell, Fred Norton Sartell, Egbert Perry Sartell, Frank Arnold Sartell, William, Lock Sartell, Joseph Birch Sartell, Winslow Libby Sartell, Charles Samuel Sartell, Holding George Washington Sartell.

Lucinda Johnston Sartell was born in Camillus NY on 3-21-1834 to Samuel and Anna (Perry) Sartell. She moved to Illinois when she was 16yo . She married JB Sartell on 6-2-1853, then they both moved to Central MN in 1854. They had 9 children; Egbert, Sybil, Charles, Linton, Winslow, Elnora, William, Fred, and Frank.

Joseph Birch Sartell was born in East Pepperell MA on 1-15-1826 to Deacon and Sybil (Shattuck) Sartell. He moved to Illinois in 1848, met & married Lucinda Johnston on 6-2-1853, then they both moved to Central MN in 1854.

He worked as a millwright at a local sawmill. In 1877 Mr. Sartell opened a flour mill on the Watab River, near the present day Watab Creek Park, and in 1884 he and his sons started the Sartell Brothers Lumber Company on the west side of the Mississippi River.