Fun Facts

Fun Facts about the Sartell area

  • In 1805 Zebulon Pike traveled up the Mississippi River through this area
  • In 1836 Joseph Nicollet traveled up the Mississippi River and called this area "The Third Rapids" referring to it being the third rapids from St. Anthony's Falls in Minneapolis.
  • The Chippewa/Ojibwa and Dakota/Sioux called this area their home.
  • Peace Rock is an important Native American landmark.
  • Watab is named after the Tamarack and Jack Pine tree roots that grew on the creeks banks.
  • The Sartell High School first opened in 1970 and had a graduating class of 18 students.
  • The paper mills' various names: 1905 Watab Paper Company, 1946 St. Regis Paper Mill , 1984 Champion, 1998 International, 2006 Verso
  • 1926 Matt DeZurik began the company named after his family. Dezuriks' is located on Riverside Ave.
  • The third primary grade school was built in 1933, it is now home to the Sartell-St. Stephen Community Education Program
  • There are 7 Century Farms in Sartell. The oldest two were founded in 1855.

The Village of Sartell was incorporated in 1907. What else was going on in 1907...........

  • United States President was Theodore Roosevelt Jr. and Vice President Charles Warren Fairbanks
  • Governor of Minnesota; John A. Johnson
  • Average US Income $897.00 year
  • First class stamp .02 cents
  • Car cost $500
  • House cost $4,500
  • Unemployment 2.8%
  • Oklahoma becomes the country's 46th state
  • Inventions; Electric Washing Machine by the Chicago based Hurley Electric Laundry Company and the machine was named Thor
  • RMS Lusitania made its first voyage
  • December 31 was the first Ball drop in New York Times Square
  • Bankers Panic - financial crisis in October 1907
  • Hershey Kisses were introduced
  • Albert Einstein starts to put laws of gravity to Theory of Relativity
  • Rudyard Kipling awarded Nobel Prize
  • The Kingston, Jamaica Earthquake hit with 6.5 magnitude and was followed by a tsunami, causing 800-1000 deaths