Help Us Identify

We are looking for help in identifying places and people in photographs. We have also collected some artifacts that we could use your help with in learning about. If you have information about any of the photographs that will be posted here please send us an email.

The photos will change so please check back often,  Thank You

1-Old School house in back? What building in front and person?

We have an answer, thanks P.B.-

 This is the cement forms for the construction of the Village Hall.

2-Whose farm and who are the people in the photo? 1905 is dated on the photo

3-1965 flood- Can anyone identify these people bagging sand?

4-Can you name these kids ?

5-Winter Haven baseball team- who are the players?

6-Who is hauling these logs? 

7-This has the words Watab on it but its not a coin. Any idea what this is?  A watch fob?

9-It would be great to be able to  identify this woman waiting for a train. 

11-Any information on this wooden train?

We have an answer, thanks P.B.

-wooden train was built by Bill Rau and donated in 2007. It is a model to depict the coal dock.

12-The top of the apron says "I'd rather be at". Where and when was the Sartell Arts Festival?

8-Is this a hotel? Who are the people?

10-This was a donation. Do you know who made it and where they got the image?