Michael & Elizabeth Theisen Farm ca 1904

Theisen Farm 1881-2004 (above photos)

Michael & Elizabeth Theisen 1881-1907 Joseph & John Theisen 1907-1926 Joseph & Mary Theisen 1926-1942 Alphonse & Josephine Theisen 1942-1999 Richard Theisen 1999-2004

Al Bromenschenkel Farm

Bob Bidinger about 1950

1928 Peter Fasen round barn. Art Fasen had written that the barn was built with concrete on the outside, 4-inch brick on the inside and a 2-inch air space in between. The barn was built for 30 cows. The cows would face the center of the barn where they would be fed from the silo, which was in the center of the barn.

Excerpt from the book Earth, Wood, Stone by Bill Morgan