Other Donations- We are interested in photos, videos, scrapbooks, tools, books, business artifacts, housewares. If you are cleaning out closets and find things that you no longer want or need, that have to do with Sartell let us know before you throw!

       Email us at

You can bring your donation to the Sartell Community Center.  Download the forms below, fill out the information and bring the completed forms to the community center along with your donation. The service desk at the community center will have extra forms available as well.

All donations to the Sartell Historical Society must be clean and free of dirt, dust, grime, insects, cobwebs, etc. Items received otherwise may be declined. If your donation is not in a condition that you would display in your home or office, then they are typically not in a condition that we can display or store. The Sartell Historical Society does not have staff to address items in need of cleaning or conservation. 

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