Riverview Casino

Riverview Casino

By Joyce Gelle


“On April 1, 1930 a big opening dance was advertised and held at the Riverview casino on the North River Road south of Sartell. The casino was newly built and co-owned by Clarence Dehler, along with Leander, Norb and Walter Bromenschenkel.

In a interview with Delores (Edwin) Traut of Sartell, her father Leander Bromenschenkel and the others established the dance hall to provide a recreation center for people of the community to socialize and dance to local bands from the area. They served beer and snacks, hot dogs and other lunch items. There were also benches around the dance hall for people to relax, but mostly people went to the casino to dance.

The big opening dance was held on April 1, 1930 which featured the Henkemeyer’s Famous Old Time Orchestra.

The big opening for a modern dance band was held on Sunday May5, 1931 which featured Jack Kane and the Honey Bees. The ads for the event read “Everybody Welcome, Ladies Free.”

Many wedding dances were held at the Casino over the years. Two reported were Leo and Marion Kremer’s and Al Crevers. On September 18, 1959 the first fall festival held by St. Francis Xavier Church was held on the grounds.

World War II interfered with the owners being able to find help and many of the bands had disbanded as the members often times were serving in the armed forces. The Casino was closed and sold in 1952. The building was moved to St. Augusta and currently operates as the Cedar Point Pavilion which is a bar and restaurant.”


This is a quote from the book  History of Sartell, Minnesota  Lumber, Paper, Valves and Progress   A Century of Progress, Welcoming a Century of Promise   page 191

Moving day for the Riverview Casino

                                            April 1, 1930

Ad in the newspaper promoting the grand opening of the Riverview Casino. Featuring music by the                   Henkemeyers Famous Old-Time Orchestra