West Side

1906 Perry’s store opened.

Perry's store was also where the first Sartell Post Office was located.

The Post Office

By Kaye Wenker

Information provided by Terry Niehaus and Janette Weis

Sartell's first Post Office was established in 1906. Since then the Post Office has had five different locations, seven Postmasters and 5 Officers in Charge. The first building to house the Post Office was R.W. Perry's General Store and Ice Cream Parlor. Th First Postmaster was Anton Smudde appointed on November 20, 1906.

In 1924 the Post Office moved from the Perry's Store to the Sartell Village Hall. The Post Office was run out of the south corner of the building located on the corner of Second Street North and Riverside Avenue. The third location for the Post Office was in the Barber Shop built by the Sartell Brothers and owned by Phil Weis which stood on the corner of Riverside Avenue and Sartell Street. The Barber Shop was divided in half to house the Post Office. The building was later moved and Perry's bar was built on that site. The fourth location for the Postal Service was a brick building located on the south side of Sartell Street. The fifth and present location for the Sartell Post Office where it sits at 113 2nd Street South. This building was built in 1975 and opened for business on May 2 of that year.

According to the National Postmaster tracking System, since its beginning, Sartell has had seven Postmasters PM and five Acting Postmaster's or also called Officer's in Charge OIC. They are as follows:

Anton Smudde PM 11-20-1906Lou Parish PM 1-8-1909Charles Gray PM 4-10-1915Philip Weis OIC 3-23-1935Philip Weis PM 2-5-1936Vivian Witherell OIC 9-30-1955Earl Axeen PM 4-8-1957Janette Weis OIC 5-24-1979Othmar Rohe PM 1-26-1980Michael Meyer OIC 5-29-1997Audrey Lange OIC 8-13-1997Terry Niehaus PM 6-6-1998
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An old gas station on Riverside Avenue near Sartell street.

It was made from bricks that were made in Sartell.

Heims Mill

Located on County Road 1 where the Sauk River feeds into the Mississippi River. A mill has been on this site since the 1850's. Heims mill is part of Le Sauk Township.

Heims Mill

"Early history reports a grist mill was built in the Southeastern part of the mouth of the Sauk River. It was owned by George Heim. It was considered a historical site. In the 1850's combination saw mill and grist mill was built by Frank Arnold and a man named Sims. Mr. Arnold operated it for many years. In 1876 the mill was torn down and rebuilt. Twenty years later it was destroyed by fire and the present one was erected and is still owned by the Heim family."

History of Sartell, Minnesota Lumber, Paper, Valves and Progress A Century of Progress Welcoming a Century of Promise page 19

Frank Arnold