Sartell Village Hall built in 1919

The architect was Leo W. Schaefer from Albany, MN

The Village Hall was located on Riverside Ave and 2nd St. North. The Sartell Fire Department was located to the left of the Village Hall. The Village Hall continued to be used for meetings and wedding receptions until the 1980's.

The Sartell Train Depot

The Depot was located on the east side of the Mississippi River, just north of the Sartell metal bridge.

The depot was built and began operating in 1906.

Passenger waiting for the train

Old Highway 10 going past the Train Depot

Hank Sufka loading coal into a train.

Hank Sufka tending to the water tanks for the trains.

The Northern Pacific coal dock was built in 1912

The Sartell bridge connected the east and west sides of Sartell and was used until the mid 1980's.

The bridge is in its original location yet is not is use. The only traffic signal, a stop sign, on the west side of the river in Sartell was at this bridge.

The bridge was built in 1914 at a cost of $7,000.00