Golf, "Pasture Pool"

By Thomas Sartell

“They Rightly called it “Pasture Pool”

Even though we hardly knew what golf was, my brother Rich and I and several others laid out and “constructed” a nine-hole course through which ran Watab creek. A made-to-order setting. Perhaps we were a bit inspired to do so by the popularity of a newly-developed miniature golf at that time. Anyway, each of us got hold of a club or so and a ball and kept at the game for a summer or two around 1930. My first club was an old wooden-shafted number 2 iron, which I used for every type of shot from driving to putting. The “greens” for the holes were either existing sod and grass or an area shaved to bare ground, with the necessary tin-cup hole strategically centered. That an activity such as that was appropriately called “pasture pool” was evident by the frequent visits of cows to interrupt our play.”

We drove for the first hole off the barn hill, a goodly distance out and over the creek, the gravel pits and onto the platform of ground surrounded by butternut trees. It was then up over the hill to a “green” among hazelnut bushes. Just where we went from there is not clear, although some “fairways” and holes (unnumbered) are easy enough to recall.

One crossed the creek from north to south near the upper dam site, over the old picnic grounds north of the creek. Another wound up with a “green” beside the creek and below the steep hill at the first bend in the creek upstream from the Mississippi River. Most holes were quite short and the whole course could be played in half an hour or so. But we did have our nine holes and we did learn the basics of the recreation there.

We were encouraged in our efforts by Boyd Sartell who at that time, spent a great deal of time at polishing his game on real courses in the area and became good enough to place well up in state amateur competitions.”

This is a quote from the book: History of Sartell, Minnesota Lumber, Paper, Valves and Progress A Century of Progress, Welcoming a Century of Promise. Page 236

Golf Courses in Sartell

By Rip Sartell Jr.

“There was no gold course in Sartell until. February 22nd, 1982 when George and Jacqueline Lahr sold property to Sartell Gold Club Inc, James and Dianne Dah. This property was part of the Meadow Llawn Farm.

In 1983 the original 9 holes opened for play. In 1987 the Sartell Gold Club added 9 holes and upgraded to an 18- hole course. The golf course became the centerpiece of Sartell attracting developers. The city continued to expand around it.

In 1993 Richard and Elizabeth Zdebski who have continued to keep the course as the centerpiece of Sartell purchased the gold course. Their goal was to provide quality golf with the longest golfing season in the area.

There have been several golf leagues, company golf tournaments, and well-known personalities that have played here. In 1997 a company called Sartell Instruments LTD from Missauga, Ontario Canada held a company meeting in Sartell and had a company golf tournament here.

About this time entertainer Willie Nelson was in the area for a concert, called for a Tee Time and played 18 holes here.

The Sartell Golf Club has helped pioneer the accelerated growth of the City of Sartell.

Sartell’s second golf course called Blackberry Ridge Golf Club. It’s clubhouse, meeting facilities and full pro shop were opened in the fall of 2001. It is located on the old Fenlayson farm a few miles north of the Sartell Golf Club. Beautiful rolling hills, trees, and wetlands challenge the best of golfers. It too has aided in development and expansion of the City of Sartell.”

This is a quote from the book History of Sartell, Minnesota Lumber, Paper, Valves and Progress A Century of Progress, Welcoming a Century of Promise. Page 237