Winter Haven

Fr. Edward C. Ramacher

Fr. Ramacher was the priest with St. Francis Xavier Church in Sartell from July 1949-July 1957. During this time he helped create Winter Haven.

Winter Haven

The winter festivities began in 1950 and ended in 1954. The Sunset Lodge Quonset hut was used year round for activities.

Winter Haven was located in what is now Watab Park on Riverside Avenue. Sunset Lodge was on top of the hill on First Street North.

In the photograph you can see the oblong skating rink. Left of the skating rink was the toboggan hill. Sunset Lodge is on top of the hill above the Welcome sign.

Promotional buttons for Winter Haven

St. Cloud Times Article describing the opening of Winter Haven in its first year. Identified in the photograph are left to right, Fr. Ramacher, Mrs. "Ma" Bernick and Governor Luther Youngdahl

A jacket from Winter Haven

An Automobile license plate decoration from Winter Haven

Historical Society display case paying tribute to Winter Haven

Promoting the Fun Valley of Minnesota