St. Francis Xavier Church

St. Francis Xavier Church located on 2nd Street North, was established in 1948 with 100 families as members. The Sartell Village Hall held the first masses until the church was built. The land that the church was built on was donated by Martin and Susie Traut. The first pastor was Edward C. Ramacher who came to Sartell from Little Falls, MN. The church is named after Father Francis Pierz. The church was originally in the basement of the building. In 1960 the convent was built on top of the church for the nuns to live. The church moved to its current location in 1980.

This is a picture of the original SFX church when it was located in the basement.

This photo is from the book, A history of St. Francis Xavier Parish, Sartell MN 1948-1998