1847 The first white settlers to the area arrived.

1849 federal census lists about 800 people living on the Benton County side.

The Benton side was platted to be named Wengert.

The Village of Sartell was named after Joseph Birch Sartell and was incorporated on October 5, 1907.

Sartell aerial view

Riverside Avenue near where the Watab Creek enters the Mississippi River

Riverside Avenue WPA (Works Progress Administration) wall about 1935

City Council Mayor Tony Zakrajshek in the center

Police Chief Jerry O'Driscoll, Malvin Patton, Doug Bettenberg, Bob Becker & Mayor Tony Zakrajshek . ca 1975

Mayors since incorporation

1907-1923 Charles Sartell 1924-1928 C. L. Witherell 1929-1931 Norris Sartell 1932-1936 C.L. Witherell 1937-1943 Rip Sartell Sr. 1944-1947 Elmer Thornton 1948-1949 Peter Pikus 1950-1955 Joseph Gallus 1956-1959 Darrel Hurd 1960-1973 Rip Sartell Sr. 1974-1978 Tony Zakrajshek 1979-1990 Bob Bogard 1991-2006 Robert Pogatschnik 2007-2011 Tim O'Driscoll 2011-2014 Joe Perske 2015-2018 Sarah Nicoll 2019- Ryan Fitzthum

Population since incorporation

1910-----240 1920-----510 1930-----521 1940-----532 1950-----662 1960-----791 1970-----1,323 1980-----3,427 1990-----5,354 2000-----9,641 2010-----15,876 2019-----18,926 (estimate)

Street Name Changes

Was.... Now....

East Avenue ------------------ 1st Ave SouthSouth Street-------------------1 st St SouthFirst Street---------------------2nd St. SouthSunset Avenue----------------1st Avenue NorthPark Avenue------------------- 2nd Avenue NorthFirst Avenue------------------- 3rd Avenue NorthSecond Avenue--------------- 4th Avenue NorthThird Avenue------------------ 5th Avenue NorthAsh Street----------------------1st Street NorthWillow Street------------------ 2nd Street NorthCherry Street------------------ 3rd Street NorthOak Street---------------------- 4th Street NorthPine Street---------------------- 5th Street NorthSpruce Street------------------ 6th Street NorthTamarac Street---------------- 7th Street NorthCedar Street-------------------- 3rd Street NorthOberly Avenue-----------------4th Avenue SouthMaple Street-------------------- 2 1/2 Street NorthBirch Street--------------------- 2nd Street NorthRussell Avenue----------------- 1st Avenue EastLincoln Avenue----------------- 2nd Avenue EastWashington Avenue ---------- 3rd Avenue EastRobert Street--------------------1st Street NortheastOlive Street---------------------- 2nd Street NortheastFrancis Street------------------- 3rd Street NortheastClaremont Street--------------- 4th Street NortheastMain Street----------------------- 5th Street NortheastLeland Street--------------------- 6th Street NortheastCharles Street-------------------- 7th Street NortheastAlfred Street---------------------- 8th Street NortheastMay Street-------------------------9th Street Northeast

This quilt was made to celebrate 100 years of Sartell. It is on display at the Sartell Community Center in the first room on the right and open to the public to view.